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Door Hanger and Stopper Price in Pakistan Jun 2024

Door Hangers And Stoppers: Enhance Your Home's Functionality And Aesthetics

Doors stand as essential features within any structure, serving as gatekeepers to privacy, security, and visual aesthetics. Elevating their functionality and appearance necessitates the incorporation of accessories like door hangers and stoppers. These additions not only contribute to maintaining order within your living space but also act as protective barriers, preventing potential damage to walls and furniture. Delving into the diverse array of door hangers and stoppers available at Shopaholic.pk, Pakistan's premier online shopping destination, this comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the options that seamlessly marry practicality with style.

Invisible Magnetic Door Closer Catcher with Screws (Pair)

For those in pursuit of a contemporary and unobtrusive solution to secure doors, the invisible magnetic door closer catcher stands as an ideal choice. This cutting-edge product employs robust magnets to ensure a firm door closure without relying on a conventional latch. The set includes two magnetic catchers along with the necessary screws, facilitating a hassle-free installation process and guaranteeing a seamless finish.

Custom Door Guard (42 Inches with 100 GSM)

Shield your doors and walls from blemishes with the custom door guard. Crafted from high-quality, 100 GSM material and spanning a length of 42 inches, this door accessory offers extensive coverage for most door sizes. Its flexible design permits effortless attachment and removal, providing a pragmatic and efficient solution for safeguarding your home.

Automatic Door Closer

Prioritize gentle and secure door closures with the automatic door closer. Harnessing a hydraulic mechanism, this advanced accessory automatically eases doors shut, mitigating the risk of slamming and subsequent damage to surrounding surfaces. The adjustable closing speed adds a personalized touch, catering to individual preferences and needs.

Over The Door 6 Double Hooks Hanger

Efficiently utilize your space and maintain order with the over-the-door 6 double hooks hanger. Simply hooking over the door, this versatile hanger offers six double hooks, accommodating items such as coats, bags, and towels. Its robust design ensures durability, making it an indispensable addition to any home-seeking organization and convenience.

Silicone Door Stopper Double-side Wall

Safeguard your walls against doorknob-induced damage using the silicone door stopper double-side wall. Crafted from high-quality silicone and featuring a double-sided design, this innovative accessory absorbs shocks effectively, preventing unsightly marks and dents. With an adhesive backing, installation becomes a breeze, requiring no tools or drilling.

(Pack of 4) Silence Silicone Door Stopper

Mitigate noise disturbances and eliminate door slams with the silence silicone door stopper. This pack of four stoppers, fashioned from premium silicone, excels in shock absorption and noise reduction. The simplistic wedge design ensures easy placement beneath doors, providing a secure hold and averting unexpected slams.

Over The Door 5 Hooks Cabinet Door Hanger

Elevate the organization in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room with the over the door 5 hooks cabinet door hanger. Designed to effortlessly hook over cabinet doors, this practical hanger boasts five sturdy hooks for towels, cleaning cloths, and more. Its compact design optimizes space usage while maximizing convenience.

(Pack of 2) Over The Door 4 Hole 1 Hook Multi

Revolutionize your storage solutions with the over-the-door 4-hole 1-hook multi-hanger. This set of two hangers easily hooks over standard doors, offering four holes and one hook for versatile hanging options. With a durable design ensuring long-lasting use, it emerges as an indispensable addition to bedrooms, bathrooms, or entryways, enhancing both organization and accessibility.

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