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Bath & Body Price in Pakistan Dec 2023

Elevate Your Everyday Spa Experience with Shopaholic.pk's Bath and Body Essentials!

Indulge in the ultimate self-care experience with our exquisite range of bath and body products at Shopaholic.pk. Our carefully curated collection is designed to elevate your daily routine, offering an array of luxurious and nourishing products that cater to your every need. Whether you're seeking relaxation, rejuvenation, or a refreshing start to your day, our bath and body products have you covered.

"Bath and body" is a broad category of personal care products and routines that focus on cleansing, nourishing, and pampering the skin and body. It encompasses a wide range of items and practices designed to promote hygiene, relaxation, and overall well-being. Here's a more detailed description of what "bath and body" entails:

  • Cleansing: Bath and body products include various cleansers such as shower gels, body washes, soaps, and bath bars. These products are used to remove dirt, sweat, and impurities from the skin, leaving it clean and refreshed.
  • Exfoliation: Exfoliating products like scrubs and loofahs are a vital part of bath and body care. They help remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and promote smoother, healthier-looking skin.
  • Moisturizing: Keeping the skin hydrated is essential for maintaining its health and appearance. Bath and body lotions, creams, oils, and body butter are applied after cleansing to lock in moisture and prevent dryness and flakiness.
  • Relaxation: Bath and body products also contribute to relaxation and stress relief. Bath salts, bath bombs, and bubble baths create a spa-like experience, allowing individuals to unwind and de-stress in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Fragrance: Many bath and body items are scented, offering a wide range of fragrances to choose from. Perfumes, body sprays, and scented lotions are used to enhance one's scent and leave a pleasant aroma on the skin.
  • Hand and Foot Care: In addition to caring for the body, bath, and body products often include hand creams, foot creams, and treatments for these specific areas. These products help keep the hands and feet soft and moisturized.
  • Specialty Products: Some bath and body products address specific skincare concerns, such as acne, aging, or sensitive skin. These specialty items may include acne treatments, anti-aging serums, and hypoallergenic products.
  • Wellness: Bath and body routines can also promote a sense of well-being. Aromatherapy bath products, essential oils, and relaxation techniques can help reduce stress and improve mental and emotional health.

Sub-Categories of Bath and Body Products:

Hand Wash and Sanitizer: 

Products in this sub-category are essential for maintaining hand hygiene and cleanliness. They provide convenient solutions for disinfection and cleansing. In this category, you can find several products such as:

  • Hand Wash: Hand wash products are designed for regular hand hygiene. They come in various formulations, including liquid and foaming options, and often contain antibacterial agents to effectively cleanse and disinfect the hands.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizers are convenient, on-the-go solutions for disinfecting hands when soap and water are not readily available. They typically contain alcohol or other sanitizing agents to kill germs and bacteria.

Bath and Body Accessories and Products:

This sub-category encompasses various accessories and products that enhance the bath and body care experience, making it more effective and enjoyable. In this category, you can find several products such as:

  • Bath Accessories: This sub-category includes items like loofahs, bath sponges, brushes, and bath mitts. These accessories help exfoliate the skin, promote circulation, and enhance the effectiveness of your cleansing routine.
  • Body Accessories: These products encompass a range of items such as body brushes, exfoliating gloves, and massage tools that assist in body care and relaxation.

Nursing Products:

Nursing products are designed to provide comfort and support to nursing mothers during their breastfeeding journey. In this category, you can find several products such as:

  • Nursing Balms: Nursing balms are specially formulated for breastfeeding mothers. They help soothe and moisturize sensitive nipple skin, providing relief from discomfort.
  • Nursing Pads: Nursing pads are designed to absorb breast milk leakage, keeping clothing dry and comfortable during breastfeeding.

Soap and Body Wash:

Products in this sub-category are essential for cleansing the skin and come in various formulations to cater to different preferences. In this category, you can find several products such as:

  • Bar Soap: Bar soaps come in various formulations, from gentle and moisturizing to exfoliating and scented. They effectively cleanse the body while leaving a pleasant aroma.
  • Body Wash: Body washes are available in liquid form and come in a wide range of scents and formulations. They cleanse and moisturize the skin, often with added benefits such as aromatherapy or exfoliation.

Body Oils:

Body oils offer nourishment and hydration to the skin, promoting a healthy and radiant appearance. In this category, you can find several products such as:

  • Massage Oils: Massage oils are designed for relaxation and therapeutic massages. They provide a smooth glide for massaging and often contain nourishing ingredients to hydrate the skin.
  • Moisturizing Oils: These body oils are formulated to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. They can be used after a bath or shower to lock in moisture and leave the skin soft and supple.

Shower Gel Products:

Shower gel products are designed for effective and refreshing cleansing, and they often come in a variety of scents and formulations to suit individual tastes and needs. In this category, you can find several products such as:

  • Shower Gel: Shower gels are liquid cleansers designed for use in the shower. They are available in various scents and formulations, catering to different skin types and preferences.
  • Body Scrubs: Body scrubs, often in gel form, contain exfoliating particles to remove dead skin cells and promote smoother, more radiant skin.

Each of these sub-categories offers specific products and solutions tailored to different aspects of personal care, hygiene, and self-pampering. They contribute to a comprehensive bath and body care routine, allowing individuals to customize their regimens to meet their unique needs and preferences.

Benefits Of Using Bath and Body Products:

Bath and body products offer a wide range of benefits for both your physical well-being and your overall self-care routine. Here are some of the key benefits of using bath and body products:

  • Hydration: Bath and body products like lotions, creams, and oils help hydrate your skin, preventing dryness and flakiness. Proper hydration is essential for maintaining healthy, supple skin.
  • Cleansing: Soaps, shower gels, and body washes effectively remove dirt, sweat, and impurities from your skin, promoting cleanliness and preventing breakouts and skin issues.
  • Exfoliation: Scrubs and exfoliating products remove dead skin cells, allowing new, healthy skin to emerge. This process can improve skin texture, reduce dullness, and help with conditions like ingrown hairs.
  • Relaxation: Bath products such as bath bombs, salts, and bubble baths create a spa-like atmosphere, promoting relaxation and reducing stress. A warm bath can also help soothe sore muscles and joints.
  • Aromatherapy: Scented bath and body products, such as essential oils and perfumes, can have aromatherapeutic benefits. Certain scents can elevate your mood, reduce anxiety, and promote a sense of well-being.
  • Improved Fragrance: Fragranced lotions, body sprays, and perfumes enhance your scent, leaving you feeling and smelling fresh and appealing.
  • Skin Health: Many bath and body products contain ingredients like vitamins, antioxidants, and natural extracts that nourish and protect your skin. These can help combat signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Enhanced Self-Care: Incorporating bath and body products into your routine encourages self-care and mindfulness. Taking the time to pamper yourself can boost your self-esteem and overall mental well-being.
  • Specialized Solutions: Some products are designed to address specific skincare concerns, such as acne, eczema, or sensitive skin. These specialized items can help manage these issues effectively.
  • Improved Confidence: When your skin looks and feels healthy, you're likely to feel more confident and comfortable in your skin. Bath and body products can contribute to an improved sense of self-esteem.
  • Cleanliness: Proper hygiene is essential for overall health, and bath and body products play a key role in maintaining cleanliness and preventing the spread of germs and bacteria.
  • Personalization: Bath and body products come in a variety of scents and formulations, allowing you to personalize your self-care routine to match your preferences and needs.

Why Should You Shop Online Through Shopaholic.pk?

Shopping online through Shopaholic.pk offers a wide range of benefits for customers. Here are some of the key advantages of choosing Shopaholic.pk for your online shopping needs:

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  • Easy Returns and Refunds: Shopaholic.pk often has a straightforward return and refund policy, allowing you to return products that don't meet your expectations or are damaged during delivery.
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  • Exclusive Deals and Promotions: Shopaholic.pk may offer exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions to its online customers, allowing you to get more value for your money.
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In summary, shopping online through Shopaholic.pk offers a convenient, diverse, and secure shopping experience with competitive pricing and numerous payment options. It simplifies the shopping process, providing you with access to a wide range of products and services, all delivered to your doorstep.

Bath & Body Products

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